What is Whatsapp?
WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging app to exchange text (or voice) messages without paying for SMS, which can be installed mostly on any smartphone or mobile device for free.

How to Download Whatsapp on your phone?
WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded and installed on traditional phone and smartphone like the BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung or any other Android, Windows or Ubuntu phone.

What if I have an old phone?
downloadIf you own an old phone or have any trouble downloading and installing Whatsapp, then follow read this specific tutorial for Java, Symbian or even for Bada Os . If you have an old Nokia smartphone click here or if you have troubles installing Whatsapp on a Samsung device click here.

WhatsApp for Android: the latest 2.16.371 APK is already available for download

WA Android beta 2 16 371If you are addicted to WhatsApp, you certainly know that the developers of the app constantly roll out updated versions of our beloved app, and yet it never stops to amaze us to see that quite every day we can download another better version of WhatsApp. Android is the platform that usually receives first (and more often) the updates since it has the majority of users, but the other platforms are kept updated as well. That said, let’s see what’s new today.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone: more improvements with the latest 2.16.300 version

WP two step verificationDuring the last few months we could see the addition of several changes and improvements to WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned app, which now counts more than one billion active users spread all over the world, is available for free for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms and allows its users to chat, share videos and photos, to make calls and, now, video calls.

WhatsApp for Android: the new Beta lets you watch videos before downloading them

video streamingAfter the release of the much awaited video calling feature, other great news for WhatsApp users. Our beloved instant messaging app is in fact testing a new feature which will allow users to watch shared videos while they are being downloaded.

For the moment only Beta testers using Android devices are enabled to download this latest update, that has been spotted with the latest betas. However, there are signs that the new feature will soon  be available in stable versions of the app also on iOS.

WhatsApp reply to privacy concerns: the app adds fully encrypted video calling

encrypted video callingStarting from this week WhatsApp will add encrypted video calling, that’s what Jan Koum said according to a Reuters report. This new service will further improve users’ privacy, and comes just after all the criticism addressed to WhatsApp because of the recent decision to share its users data with Facebook.

WhasApp, founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, was bought by Facebook in 2014. So far the two services have led an activity quite independent, at least until August, when WhatsApp updated its terms and conditions and decided to adopt a data sharing plan with Facebook.

WhatsApp: the data sharing with Facebook has been suspended in Europe

wa data sharing with facebook stopped in europeWhatsApp’s decision to share with Facebook its users data, including phone numbers, has caused big troubles and criticism in Europe. And we mean not only between the many users of the app, but also with European governments.

The first country that decided to ban the data-sharing plan has been Germany, immediately followed by the UK, where Facebook may be forced to pay a fine of up to £500,000 if decides to reintroduce the scheme. But other privacy watchdogs across Europe are concerned about the data-sharing plan, and 28 European authorities signed an open letter addressed to Jan Koum, WhatsApp CEO, asking for a suspension of the data collection.

WhatsApp extends its support for BlackBerry 10 and Nokia Platforms until June 2017

WA support for BlackBerry prolongedToday we have great news for BlackBerry and Nokia users. The owners of our beloved instant messaging app have in fact decided to extend the support for BlackBerry 10 and Nokia platforms until June 2017.

This decision partially changes the one communicated at the beginning of the year, when WhatsApp has informed its users that by the end of 2016 certain operating systems, including Windows Phone 7.1 and Blackberry 10, will not be supported anymore. But this week the support page of the app has been updated  and BlackBerry and Nokia users have been informed that “We will soon be ending support for certain devices. On June 30, 2017, we will no longer support the following platforms: BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, and Nokia Symbian S60.”

WhatsApp for iOS: the latest version adds GIF support

WA for iOS GIFSGreat news for those of you who use WhatsApp with an iPhone: you can now send GIFs. This popular option is very used on social media, and messaging services such as Facebook, Twitter and iMessage already support it. And now GIFs have finally been added to WhatsApp for iOS, for the joy of the many users of the app.

So, what do you have to do in order to send GIFs with your iPhone device? The first thing to do is to download this latest 2.16.15 version of WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store (this passage is necessary because iOS operating system doesn’t natively support GIFs). Once you have installed this latest update, you will be enabled to send videos and photos as a GIF.