What is Whatsapp?
WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging app to exchange text (or voice) messages without paying for SMS, which can be installed mostly on any smartphone or mobile device for free.
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How to Download Whatsapp on your phone?
WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded and installed on traditional phone and smartphone like the BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung or any other Android, Windows or Ubuntu phone.

New update for WhatsApp for Windows Phone: it is now available version

windows phone ultimi aggiornamentiA few days have passed since the last update of WhatsApp for Windows Phone was released, and yet a new updated version, the, is already available. Quite obviously, this last one is a minor update, which doesn’t bring new features and seems to have no change log (a detailed description of what changes).

This new version should thus serve simply to fix minor bugs which were present in the previous version. But those who use WhatsApp with Windows Phone devices will surely be pleased to notice that WhatsApp developers are not neglecting them and are working to improve the app also on Windows Phone devices.

WhatsApp for Rooted Phones

Despite what some people think, it is possible to run WhatsApp on a rooted phone. Our research actually indicates that WhatsApp could run better on some rooted phones.
That means everybody needs to be real careful because many rooted phones have become infected with spyware or malware. If the phone has been rooted, there is a good chance it has also been hacked and some unsavory person has access to all the information on it.

Why Whatsapp is not working? What to do…

Ten Reasons Why WhatsApp Is Not Working and How to Fix Them

Nothing is more frustrating than an app that does not work. Unfortunately, even easy-to-use solutions such as WhatsApp can suddenly stop working. Fortunately, there is usually a reason why WhatsApp is not working, and you can usually get the messaging solution to work again if you can determine what it is.

Here are the 10 most common reasons why WhatsApp will stop working and some easy fixes for them. Implementing these repairs should restore your WhatsApp service in most cases.
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10 Common WhatsApp Problems and Some Easy Fixes:

A new challenge for WhatsApp Web

whatsapp competitorsIt seems that WhatsApp Web has new competitors in sight. The newcomer is called Charge Messenger and has already raised funds for $1.7 million. The company in fact stated that $1.7 million had already been allocated to start the activity, besides a new web client to allow users to synchronize the chats on their Android and iOS devices on the desktop. Maybe someone recalls that at the beginning Charge Messenger was called Bolt, but the name has been changed into Charge Messenger to avoid confusion with the Instagram service One-Tap Photo.

WhatsApp version 2.12.250 is now available on Google Play Store

whatsapp for android su google playIt is finally available on Google Play Store the recent update that the many users of WhatsApp on Android devices were awaiting. This 2.12.250 update, as usual, was previously released as a beta version, and now it is available as a stable one. As always happens with new versions, the 2.12.250 brings several new features along with some bug fixes.

In addition to new emoticons (including the now famous “middle finger” emoji, which was hidden in the beta version, and the “Spock’s Vulcan salute”) and the possibility to choose the skin tone of emojis, you can now choose whether to mark a conversation as “unread” or as “read”. Next to the “unread” a green dot will be displayed together with a number next to the Chat tab.