Whatsapp for ubuntu 10.04 – 12.04 – 14.04 – free download

Whatsapp for ubuntu 10.04 - 12.04 - 14.04Finally the most awaited application for Ubuntu users is developed and ready for Ubuntu users.

The developers have focused on keeping the User interface very similar to what you see on your mobile phones and yet in the back ground worked on smooth integration and bug free implementation.

One can choose from a variety of methods to use Whatsapp in Ubuntu.

Well, you will find installing WhatsApp on Ubuntu is a little different from installing it in Windows operating system. First you need to install the Android emulator.

Whatsapp for Ubislate 7c and 7cz

Whatsapp for ubislate 7c and 7czWith the WhatsApp being available on so many different platforms and devices, it’s hard to keep track of the differences and the issues that can occur after downloading and launching the app.

While WhatsApp is wildly popular for mobile devices and smart phones, that’s not all it’s capable of, either. WhatsApp is also available for the use on tablets, with all the same features as the other platforms and devices. To make sure that the app runs correctly on your tablet, you need to have either 3G or WiFi if available to be able to message, send pictures and videos and get in contact with your family and friends.

Whatsapp for Two Numbers

whatsapp for two numbersWhatsapp is the most popular messaging application for mobile devices today.

With more and more people using mobile devices than any other technological advance today, the whats-app has been embraced as the app the mobile device was missing because it eliminates the need for calling and SMS.

There is a need for customers to be able to use one cell phone and two numbers, there is now a way to do that with whats-app. OGWhatsApp is the method for adding two numbers, it is the modded version of Official WhatsApp. It can be added to any android device and it does not require a rooted device.

Whatsapp for Tecno phones

whatsapp for tecno phonesThe WhatsApp is a free, popular social media-type app that has taken smart phones, tablets and all other handheld devices by storm.

If you’re new to using the app, then you’re probably wondering where to begin. If you search around the internet, most of the helping guides to using the WhatsApp are going to be for Apple users, and the occasional Android. If you’re by chance a Tecno user, or have recently required a Tecno phone, then you’ve come to the right place. This will help you if you’re using a Tecno T77, Tecno T1, Tecno T3, Tecno T4, Tecno T65, or any other up to date model of the phone.

Whatsapp for Symbian

Whatsapp for SymbianDid you know that it costs to use the Whatsapp app. For those of you already using it, you probably already figured it out. For those who wish to use it, you will need to pay for it.

For most plans, you will have either a free-trial for a year or a payment of $1.99. Let me state right away, there is no real way to avoid the payments. It’s just a fact. You can, however, pay without using a credit/debit card. You can use other forms of payment to get the app on Symbian. Another thing I will mention is that you will need to pay for it every year. Sorry guys, this is not a once and done deal.

Whatsapp for Samsung Wave

Whatsapp for samsung waveTo use WhatsApp on the Samsung Wave, users must keep in mind the limitations of their device in regards to the usability of the App.

WhatsApp will function well, but a few steps must be taken to ensure full device compatibility. To take advantage of the full suite of options the software possesses, it is important to recognize the contributions that make WhatsApp one of the most used apps in the industry. One popular aspect of the software is its unique messaging feature, which many users are surprised to discover has such robust functionality, especially cross-platform.

Whatsapp for Samsung rex 60 – rex 70 – rex 80 – rex 90


You can download this to your phone at any time. You can get it from the actual site. If you don’t have access to the site, try going to an iTunes App store.

You might also want to go to try some place that sells Androids. The app is out there, just try a few of these places and you’ll score big.

Whatsapp for Qmobile e860 – e880 – e890 – e950

Whatsapp for Qmobile e860 What I will do is give you some inside information on the app on these specific phones: Qmobile e860 – e880 – e890 – e950

1) If you wish to send little emoji in your messages, you will need another app. Sorry guys, this is not something which is included. You need to download a separate app for this.

2) When you wish to send certain messages, you will need to look at each icon. There is one on the bottom for the microphone. This is for sending voice messages to the person. There is an icon on the left, this is the arrow. Use this to send video footage or pictures. All the other icons are pretty much self-explanatory.

Whatsapp for Galaxy s5 and s4

WhatsApp-for-SamsungWhatsapp software is an important tool to keep in touch with friends and family on a mobile phone. Like most other leading mobile platforms, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 allow users to download and install the Whatsapp software.

To get started, click or tap on the Google Play Store app on your phone. This is one of the major pre-installed applications on your phone. Tap the search icon in the upper right hand corner and type Whatsapp into the search bar.

Next, tap on the Whatsapp icon which should be the first result of the search. Finally, tap on the install button and once the application has been installed, open the software.

Whatsapp for Xiaomi Redmi

Whatsapp for Xiaomi RedmiWhatsApp is quite simply the most popular app available for both Android and iPhone users alike and different. While it’s so popular due to how simple and user-friendly it is, it also does its job and helps the users chat and interact with others in a clean, simple design.

And while Android and iPhone’s might be the most popular phone models on the market, they’re not the only ones. Users who have the Xiomi Redmi also have the same chance to download the app, have fun with it and use it to their full advantage, and still get all the same amazing features and abilities that users with other device platforms have.