What is Whatsapp?
WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging app to exchange text (or voice) messages without paying for SMS, which can be installed mostly on any smartphone or mobile device for free.
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How to Download Whatsapp on your phone?
WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded and installed on traditional phone and smartphone like the BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung or any other Android, Windows or Ubuntu phone.

How does whatsapp make money?

When Facebook paid $19 billion in stock and cash for WhatsApp Inc. in February 2014, many people were confused. After all, it was very hard to see exactly how the messaging service made money.

After all, Forbes estimated that WhatsApp only generated $20 million in its last year of operation as an independent company. Yet Mark Zuckerberg was willing to shell out nearly $20 billion for the company.

whatsapp26To make matters worse, the social messaging service famously refuses to tap one of the most popular and lucrative streams of cash online, namely advertising. WhatsApp founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum famously hate advertising and even wrote blog posts attacking the practice.
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WhatsApp has a new competitor: Livetext (Yahoo!) is arrived

whatsapp vs livetextCan you imagine your life without Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or whatever other instant messaging app? Well, it’s hard. Many of us are now completely addicted to those communication systems. But even if you are not such a big user, you might be interested to know that from today you have one more app available to communicate with your friends and family.

We can now send WhatsApp messages via Google Now

google nowAre you thinking about sending a message through Viber or WhatsApp without touching your smartphone keyboard? Now it’s possible. Thanks to new updates introduced to Google Now (Google’s smartphone voice assistant), we are now allowed to send messages to our contacts through WhatsApp or other messaging applications like Viber, WeChat, NextPlus and Telegram simply dictating them.

By now it is a well-established daily routine: we send dozens of messages to our friends, family and colleagues to arrange appointments or just to share something with someone we care about. Starting from today we have an even easier way to do it. Today we are enabled to send messages via Android applications simply dictating them to Google Now, exactly as already happens with emails, text messages and Hangout.

WhatsApp: released a new Beta version for Nokia Asha

nokia ashaDuring the last few weeks WhatsApp has introduced many updates on almost every platform which supports this popular instant messaging app, which, according to recent statistics, is currently the most used in the world. As usual, most of them were for Android devices, but we’ve seen, for example, that also BlackBerry or iPhone have not been forgotten.

Luckily WhatsApp developers still dedicate part of their time to Symbian 40 platform, and finally during the last few days a new Beta version of WhatsApp for this platform has been released. So, if you are one among those who use WhatsApp from a Nokia Asha device, you surely will be eager to download this new Beta version 2.12.92 of WhatsApp for Symbian 40.

WhatsApp beta 2.12.88 for Windows Phone brings animated emoji and blocking unknown contacts

windows phoneMore updates for those who use WhatsApp from a smartphone running with Windows Phone operating system. In fact it has been released a new beta, version 2.12.88. The enhancements introduced are quite interesting and in the coming weeks they should be added even in the stable version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

How whatsapp was created ?

How Was WhatsApp Created?
WhatsApp is not just one of the world’s most popular and successful messaging apps. It is also a very inspiring rags to riches story with some very humble beginnings.
The app’s beginning can be traced to January 2009, when a former Yahoo engineer named Jan Koum bought his first iPhone and started playing around with the App Store, Forbes reported. As he looked at the iPhone, Koum realized that apps would become a major new industry and a revenue generator.

whatsapp22The men behind WhatsApp, Jan Koum & Brian Acton, courtesy Forbes

Whatsapp for GALAXY TAB 3

Using Whatsapp has become a “must” for alll smartphones owners, so Galaxy Tab 3 remains no less. Whatsapp is a free messaging services that can be utilized for sending messages for free: images, video files and audio files can be transferred through the free services of Whatsapp.
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In order to install Whatsapp on your Galaxy Tab and use all the functions provided by the client, you first need to get a smartphone or an android phone to complete the registration process on your Galaxy Tab 3. WhatsApp-for-TabHaving a mobile handset number is also necessary to get the required activation code. So, how to Install Whatsapp on Galaxy Tab3? All latest version of Whatsapp can be downloaded in the Galaxy Tab 3 by following these steps.
After downloading the Android Whatsapp from the official site page for android users, the chat messenger will show you a home screen where the “Agree and continue” policy must be accepted before continuing with the installation. In the following step, you will notice a screen to enter your phone, name and country.