What is Whatsapp?
WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging app to exchange text (or voice) messages without paying for SMS, which can be installed mostly on any smartphone or mobile device.

How to Download Whatsapp on your phone?
WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded and installed on traditional phone and smartphone like the BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung or any other Android, Windows or Ubuntu phone.


What if I have an old phone?
If you own an old phone or have any trouble downloading and installing Whatsapp, then follow read this specific tutorial for Java, Symbian or even for Bada Os . If you have an old Nokia smartphone click here or if you have troubles installing Whatsapp on a Samsung device click here.

How to add a contact on WhatsApp

How to add a contact on WhatsAPpSomeone you just met tells you “Send me a WhatsApp”, and gives you his/her number. But on WhatsApp it does not appear. So, how can you send the message? You have to contact someone that is not in your contact list on WhatsApp. Even if you ask the number the problem remains: how can you contact this person?

WhatsApp does not have the ability to add a new contact. The user name is the phone number. The list of contacts you have on WhatsApp are taken from the phone book, they are the numbers that you have stored on your phone. To add a new contact on WhatsApp, you have to add it in your address book. So, follow these steps.

How to use WhatsApp Voice Messaging

How to use WhatsApp Voice MessagingLet me guess, you want to avoid writing a long text and you are looking for a simple way  to record a voice message using Whatsapp? If so, I would say that you have found the right article. Today in fact, with this article, we will see together the rapid procedure to record a Voice Message on Whatsapp, being able to express what you think quickly and without the need to write.

WhatsApp: you can now save your chats directly to Google Drive

whatsapp e google driveA development after another, and always something new for the users. We obviously speak of Whatsapp and the recent, strange partnership with Google. Now you can, in fact, perform automatic backups of conversations directly to Google Drive. Surely, hearing this news, the first thing that each of us must have thought is: “Goodbye privacy!”.

Well, certainly before today you can’t say that there was a lot more, but perhaps there was one thing that Google did not know about us: our activity on Whatsapp. There was in fact, not anymore! Certainly it is really convenient to be able to save our data on a server virtually inviolable as the one made available by Google – especially for those who often change their device.

How to spy on WhatsApp messages

spiare whatsappWorried parents? Jealous husbands? You repeatedly see your boyfriend or your daughter chatting on WhatsApp with a huge smile on their face and dreamy eyes but you do not know with who they are chatting? In spite of the privacy, now there is a method to spy on the conversation that interests you.

This technique of espionage is called MAC Spoofing and, although it may seem intimidating, it is the safest and the most applied. You just have to make your modem believe that it is the device of the victim, once followed these steps you will have all the conversations that interest you before your eyes.  Unfortunately, our conversations on WhatsApp are not safe, and thanks to the Mac spoofing technique you can spy on conversations, photos, videos and much more from another contact.

WhatsApp for Android introduces a new update: finally, Material Design

whatsapp material designWhatsApp updates its app for the Android version 2:12:38, introducing Material Design for the user interface. After enabling voice calls for all users, WhatsApp has finally renewed the interface of the messaging client.

In fact, the latest version 2:12:38 adopts Material Design, already introduced by Google with Android 5.0 Lollipop. There are not yet any news regarding the functionality, but, for the the moment, only those concerning a restyling and new animations. The app can now be downloaded from the official website or, if you prefer, you can wait for its arrival on the Google Play Store.

How to make money with WhatsApp

far soldi con whatsappIn this new millennium, the online communication possibilities have seen new developments, starting from the abandonment of the classic Messenger, to focus on applications more versatile and appealing, even (and especially) for a young audience, and for those always ready to share with friends and acquaintances the details of their days with instant messages. WhatsApp is undoubtedly an important step on the spread of a more pervasive and affordable communication for everyone.

How to send an email using WhatsApp

email whatsappToday many of our most important conversations take place on Whatsapp. This successful app for instant messaging has become part of our lives and we often regret that all these conversations remain there. Would you like to send them via email to someone? Imagine that one of your friends has lost the phone and with it all its conversations: surely it will please him to receive them by e-mail!

So, are you wondering how to do it? Well, you’re reading the right article. Let’s see togheter this very handy guide to find out how to send a WhatsApp conversation through email, making use of automatic procedures, with both Android and iPhone.

Facebook-WhatsApp: the first major integration

facebook whatsappA brand new icon has appeared in the app of the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg: a  “Send” button that would allow to send the contents of the post that you are viewing to the users of WhatsApp.

These are only technical tests, but still quite impressive. According to the site GeekTime, through a screenshot taken quickly by dozens of other specialized sites, Facebook would be testing an integration with WhatsApp, the popular application for instant messaging acquired for $19 billion during in February 19, 2014.

How to backup your WhatsApp chat

How to backup your WhatsApp chatHow to backup your WhatsApp chat and how to save and restore your chat history on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Did you know that our virtual life on Whatsapp, our conversations and media files that we have sent or received, can be stored online and imported to a new device? In case of theft, damage or loss of our smartphones, nothing is lost: we will be able to restore our conversations in a few moments.

WhatsApp Reborn closes, WhatsApp won and readmits the excluded

whatsapp rebornIn the end, WhatsApp Reborn (ex WhatsApp Plus) closed: WhatsApp unlocks the accounts and users can access the service again. After months of controversy, the anti-ban version of WhatsApp has succumbed to the pressure of the official version of the application, that about two months ago had declared a ruthless war to all third-party applications. Today the queen, became famous as WhatsApp Plus, has abdicated.

As we said, about two months ago WhatsApp had started a real crusade against third-party apps, temporarily blocking the accounts of users who used WhatsApp Plus, one of the most popular alternatives to WhatsApp. The developers have now announced that WhatsApp Reborn, the anti-ban version of WhatsApp Plus, is officially dead. The story had its conclusion in the last seven days.  But let’s see what happened.

How to install whatsapp on your PC without Bluestacks

How to install whatsapp on your PC without BluestacksWhatsApp is one of those applications for mobile devices so successful that hardly you don’t use or you have never heard of: thanks to the substantial savings achieved texting via internet, this popular application is now a very important reality (now WhatsApp is more used than text messages), so significant that many have wondered whether it is possible to use it even from a PC. And the answer is positive: you can now easily do it.

The most common method to install WhatsApp on PC is via Bluestack, a kind of Android app emulator, but today let’s see how to use WhatsApp on your PC with an alternative software emulation.

How to get WhatsApp for free

How to get WhatsApp for freeMany WhatsApp users are wondering how to have WhatsApp for free forever. In fact, as you know, after the twelve-month free trial, you have to pay an annual fee (to be honest extremely low, about 0.96$/0.89 Euro). The question is not so easy to solve, because obviously there are no legal ways to use the application at no cost, but there are some particular instances where you can avoid the payment of the annual fee without violating the terms of WhatsApp license.

WhatsApp celebrates: 30 billion messages!

whatsapp festeggiaFrom a survey conducted by The Economist emerged an interesting (but maybe not unexpected) result: WhatsApp sent 10 billion messages more than traditional text messages. So, the overtaking is now accomplished and WhatsApp leaves behind the traditional text messages. A completely new season for communication.

The number of text messages sent around the world with Whatsapp exceeded that of text messages, reveals this new study published by the British weekly magazine The Economist. According to this survey, every day about 30 billion messages are sent around the world with the messaging application.  Text messages are ten less.
WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service, bought by Facebook for 19 billion last year, has become the most popular messaging application in the world with over 700 million accounts, which have generated over the past year about 7 trillion messages. An impressive result indeed.

Whatsapp vs Hike: What are the Differences?

Whatsapp vs HikeWhatsApp is often compared to different pieces of messenger software, but comparing it to Hike has caused reviewers some difficulties because of how similar the two apps really are.

WhatsApp and Hike are both geared toward the same type of user, and both offer competitive options that many people use. This means that personal preference might have a lot to do with what choice individual users ultimately make.

WhatsApp vs Kik: Which is Better?

WhatsApp vs KikWhatsApp has become a household name in recent years, but Kik has recently threatened to take away some of the market share this instant messaging giant carved out. Kik is growing by leaps and bounds.

Unlike apps like Hike or Line, Kik appeals to as wide a customer base as WhatsApp does. This has made it popular with those who are currently displeased with WhatsApp and have been looking for some kind of an alternative.

WhatsApp vs Line: Who is the Winner?

WhatsApp vs LineThe marketplace dominance WhatsApp enjoys has recently been challenged by Line. Some users are thinking of making the switch, but they should be aware of the fact that Line is radically different from WhatsApp in several ways.

The software was designed for an international audience and also includes some cute functions that are drastically different from the more business-oriented functions that WhatsApp provides users with. Line and WhatsApp might very well appeal to completely different market segments.

Comparing the Two Programs

How to uninstall WhatsApp

How to uninstall WhatsAppWhatsApp Messenger,  known simply by the name of WhatsApp, is an instant messaging application that allows you to exchange messages, pictures and audio/video contents with your contacts avoiding the cost of text messages. Its huge success is certainly given by the great possibilities offered by this application. One of them, for example: multiple conversations bringing together the handiness of chat rooms and the reliability of text messages.

Whatsapp Vs Tango – What is the best?

Viber-Whatsapp-TangoWhatsApp has got some real competition these days with similar apps popping up. One of its competitors is Tango. While the services have many similarities, they also have some marketable differences. Here are five points that you should consider when choosing one of these services.

Cell Phone Vs Computer
WhatsApp is an application that is made for the cell phone only. This means that you cannot use it on a tablet or computer system. Tango allows its users to utilize their services from a computer, tablet or cell phone. The versatility in this application makes it appealing. You don’t need a SIM card for Tango and it’s not connected to the phone number. Tablet users will also be thrilled to know that there is a special version of the Tango app that is enhanced just for tablet users.