What is Whatsapp?
WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging app to exchange text (or voice) messages without paying for SMS, which can be installed mostly on any smartphone or mobile device.

How to Download Whatsapp on your phone?
WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded and installed on traditional phone and smartphone like the BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung or any other Android, Windows or Ubuntu phone.


What if I have an old phone?
If you own an old phone or have any trouble downloading and installing Whatsapp, then follow read this specific tutorial for Java, Symbian or even for Bada Os . If you have an old Nokia smartphone click here or if you have troubles installing Whatsapp on a Samsung device click here.

WhatsApp: WhatsMac is finally arrived

whatsapp for macUntil now WhatsApp, the famous messaging service, was available for Android, Windows phone, iPhone and BlackBerry users. Now, thanks to a new free app called WhatsMac, you can chat through WhatsApp directly from OS X. This new app is completely free and Open Source.

Furthermore, WhatsMac allows you to use WhatsApp as usual, to chat, to send and receive audio, video, images and text. If you are eager (or just curious) to download WhatsMac, you can download it for free from this page. So, if you are addicted to WhatsApp and use your Mac for the most part of the day, this could be the right thing for you. Even if it is important to keep in mind that, for the moment, this is not an official app. Anyway, it provides a good user interface to work with.

How to secure WhatsApp

how to secure whatsappAs we know the success of WhatsApp, one of the most complete and popular messaging applications, is constantly growing. This famous app has now an incredible number (more than 700 million!) of monthly active members with, as you can imagine, a huge traffic of information shared between them. For this reason, we think that you will find the following security tips of some use.

1. WhatsApp Lock – WhatsApp Lock is an extremely useful application to avoid nosy people. After installing this app, you will be asked to set a 4-digit PIN. But perhaps the most interesting feature of this app is that it automatically takes a photo from the camera if someone digits the wrong PIN, letting you know immediately who tried to use your device.

WhatsApp Voice Calling feature soon available for Windows Phone users?

WhatsApp Windows Phone voice callDuring the last few weeks WhatsApp has introduced Voip voice calls. This very expected feature, for the moment, is only available for Android users but it seems that also Windows Phone will soon have this important update available. In fact during the last hours we have seen explicit references to voice calls in WhatsApp for Windows Phone in the files sent for translation by the development team to the many translators who work for them.

How to use WhatsApp on iPhone

How to use WhatsApp on iPhoneWhatsApp is an app that allows users to chat for free with their contacts. This messaging service provides the ability to send and receive unlimited messages at no cost via the internet, simply using the 3G connection or Wi-fi smartphones. WhatsApp is available for different operating systems such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Installation: We can download WhatsApp simply accessing the App Store directly from our iPhone. After the purchase, the download will start automatically and we just have to wait for the installation to be completed.

Whatsapp could offer a service similar to Messenger for Business

Whatsapp could offer a service similar to Messenger for BusinessThe extraordinary success of WhatsApp seems unstoppable. In fact, this multi-platform messaging service has nearly reached one billion users, and Facebook (its official owner, who last year bought the app for nearly 22 billion dollars) doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to gain more from the service by opening it to businesses.

During the last F8 Conference we have seen how Facebook has transformed the Messenger platform into a service increasingly rich of features. Between them, surely stands out Messenger for Business, a well-known dedicated service that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a more simple and effective way, offering assistance and customer care through the Messenger chat.

How to login to WhatsApp from pc

How to login to WhatsApp from pcYou are very excited because you have discovered that now you can use WhatsApp also from your computer. So you look for the link to download the program but can not find it. Why? It’s true that you can use WhatsApp from the pc, but it is not an application. In fact it is a web service accessible from browsers, precisely from Chrome, Firefox and Opera (Safari and Internet Explorer for the moment are not supported).

WhatsApp vs Telegram: who will win?

WhatsApp vs TelegramWe were convinced that WhatsApp had not rivals, but we were wrong. In fact Telegram (a multi-platform messaging app), is spreading rapidly and probably is now the most serious rival of Whatsapp. The numbers, just updated, are incredible: 62 million monthly active users, 12 million of which are new users who joined the app in the last 4 months. In December 2014 there were 145,000 new users per day, now we talk about 220,000.

How to customize WhatsApp on your smartphone

How to customize WhatsApp on your smartphoneYou were tired of spending money on SMS and were looking for a different way to send text messages without being obliged to change your telephone operator. So your friends suggested to install WhatsApp. Despite your relationship with smartphones is not really idyllic, you followed their advice and now you are very happy to use this famous app.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the latest update adds MP3

WhatsApp for Windows Phone the latest update adds MP3Exciting new features have been added on WhatsApp Beta 2:12:20 for Windows Phone. The development of WhatsApp’s client for Windows Phone smartphones continues, expanding the feature set which is now available for users who are trying the beta application. Let’s see them together.

As everyone knows, WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages with your contacts without having to pay (as with SMS). WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. As WhatsApp Messenger uses the same Internet data plan used for email and web browsing, there are not additional costs to send messages and keep in touch with your friends. In addition to basic messaging, WhatsApp users can create groups, share unlimited images, video and audio multimedia messages.

WhatsApp: how to remove the Timestamp

whatsapp timestampWhatsApp is the instant messaging application most used in the world, and it is now more important and more used than sms. WhatsApp provides, besides others, a useful function that indicates if one of your contacts is currently online or not. Furthermore, it can show you when was the list time that  someone was online. This option is called “Last seen”.

However, this feature (called also Timestamp) has also been widely criticized. In fact, people usually do not like that everyone can see when they were “last seen”. Maybe you can not reply immediately to any message, while others expect you to do it because they know that you have read it, based on the “last seen”. In fact, WhatsApp Last Seen, through the timestamp, shows exactly when was the last time that someone closed the App.

WhatsApp for Android: Material Design is now available on Play Store

material designNew surprises from WhatsApp. All the users of this famous app will be happy to know that Material Design finally arrives in the stable version of WhatsApp. In fact, the popular app released a new update, but not, as you may think, the version 3.0. Instead WhatsApp switches to version 2.12.74, bringing officially Material Design, the new interface, on Play Store.

Until now it was possible to use the latest interface only installing manually the APK available on the official website of WhatsApp, which was actually a public beta. So, this latest update brings WhatsApp Material Design out of the beta phase. However, it is still missing the backup function via Drive, already disappeared from some beta, thus making us think that, probably, it has been released as a test in one of the previous versions.

How to update WhatsApp

How to update WhatsAppAs each application for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, also WhatsApp Messenger needs to be constantly updated to ensure you have on your phone a safe and functioning version of the app. If you are not sure that you are using the latest version of the application, today I’d like to show you how to update WhatsApp on the more used smartphone operating systems. But don’t worry, even if you’re just starting out with Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, you will quickly succeed.

WhatsApp: there is a version of the app that automatically records all voice calls

A new version of the app now automatically records all voice callsWhatsapp is the messaging service that, during the last years, has incredibly spread on all smartphones that support this free app, which can be downloaded in a few minutes. Today around the world the service is used by 700 million people a month, with an exchange of 30 billion messages daily. The data, made public by the company’s CEO Jan Koum, refer to January 2015 and are impressive, but very likely today they have already been overcome considering the constant expansion of WhatsApp all over the world.

How to verify WhatsApp verification code on your iPhone

How to verify WhatsApp verification code on your iPhoneWhen you talk about apps for instant messaging, WhatsApp is probably the first one that comes on your mind. With its 700 million active users each month, it has become one of the most widely used network in the world. With its record of users, the app is now more popular than Twitter and Instagram (which is also owned by Facebook).

WhatsApp, through your phone number, allows you to chat easily with your friends and family anywhere in the world. With WhatsApp you do not need to remember usernames, you do not also have to accept any friend requests. Consequently, the verification process that has been created is quite simple. In any case, if you incur in some problems verifying your number, stay calm and try to follow the following steps.

WhatsApp: officially lauched Voice Calling for Blackberry 10

WhatsApp officially lauched Voice Calling for Blackberry 10BlackBerry 10 users have not been forgotten by WhatsApp. In fact, they can now use WhatsApp to make and receive calls. BlackBerry 10 is the third operating system chosen by WhatsApp to enable voice calls, while Windows Phone users still have to wait. After Android and iOS now, finally, it’s BlackBerry’s turn.

WhatsApp has enabled voice calls in the latest version of the app that is compatible with the operating system of the Canadian Company.  The new version of WhatsApp (, which is downloadable from the digital store BlackBerry World, includes the possibility to call contacts using WhatsApp, without seeing the minutes on your calling plan being scaled; to make your calls will be used the cellular network (2G, 3G, 4G).

How to add a contact on WhatsApp

How to add a contact on WhatsAPpSomeone you just met tells you “Send me a WhatsApp”, and gives you his/her number. But on WhatsApp it does not appear. So, how can you send the message? You have to contact someone that is not in your contact list on WhatsApp. Even if you ask the number the problem remains: how can you contact this person?

WhatsApp does not have the ability to add a new contact. The user name is the phone number. The list of contacts you have on WhatsApp are taken from the phone book, they are the numbers that you have stored on your phone. To add a new contact on WhatsApp, you have to add it in your address book. So, follow these steps.

How to use WhatsApp Voice Messaging

How to use WhatsApp Voice MessagingLet me guess, you want to avoid writing a long text and you are looking for a simple way  to record a voice message using Whatsapp? If so, I would say that you have found the right article. Today in fact, with this article, we will see together the rapid procedure to record a Voice Message on Whatsapp, being able to express what you think quickly and without the need to write.

WhatsApp: you can now save your chats directly to Google Drive

whatsapp e google driveA development after another, and always something new for the users. We obviously speak of Whatsapp and the recent, strange partnership with Google. Now you can, in fact, perform automatic backups of conversations directly to Google Drive. Surely, hearing this news, the first thing that each of us must have thought is: “Goodbye privacy!”.

Well, certainly before today you can’t say that there was a lot more, but perhaps there was one thing that Google did not know about us: our activity on Whatsapp. There was in fact, not anymore! Certainly it is really convenient to be able to save our data on a server virtually inviolable as the one made available by Google – especially for those who often change their device.

How to spy on WhatsApp messages

spiare whatsappWorried parents? Jealous husbands? You repeatedly see your boyfriend or your daughter chatting on WhatsApp with a huge smile on their face and dreamy eyes but you do not know with who they are chatting? In spite of the privacy, now there is a method to spy on the conversation that interests you.

This technique of espionage is called MAC Spoofing and, although it may seem intimidating, it is the safest and the most applied. You just have to make your modem believe that it is the device of the victim, once followed these steps you will have all the conversations that interest you before your eyes.  Unfortunately, our conversations on WhatsApp are not safe, and thanks to the Mac spoofing technique you can spy on conversations, photos, videos and much more from another contact.

WhatsApp for Android introduces a new update: finally, Material Design

whatsapp material designWhatsApp updates its app for the Android version 2:12:38, introducing Material Design for the user interface. After enabling voice calls for all users, WhatsApp has finally renewed the interface of the messaging client.

In fact, the latest version 2:12:38 adopts Material Design, already introduced by Google with Android 5.0 Lollipop. There are not yet any news regarding the functionality, but, for the the moment, only those concerning a restyling and new animations. The app can now be downloaded from the official website or, if you prefer, you can wait for its arrival on the Google Play Store.