Whatsapp for Windows 8

whatsapp-windows-8Overview of Whatsapp
It is the proprietary, cross-platform messaging subscription service that can be used for communication over the Internet.

Apart from text messaging services, Whatsapp can be used for sending user’s location, audio media messages, video, and images.

The client software can be used in Blackberry 10, Microsoft Windows Phone, Symbian, Nokia Asha platforms, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS, and Google Android. The California-based company was established in the year 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. The popularity of Whatsapp has been growing right from its introduction. In February, 2014, Facebook Inc. made a deal of 19 billion USD for acquiring Whatsapp Inc.

Whatsapp for Iphone 5S

WhatsApp-for-iphone defWhatsapp for Iphone 5S
The new name of social networking is the Smartphone messenger apps. WhatsApp Messenger can be said to be the pioneer among them. It is a Smartphone messenger which is available for all the Smartphones including iPhone.

WhatsApp can be run by connecting to the internet via 2G, 3G or WiFi connection. This app helps you to stay connected with your family and friends via text, audio or video message or share pictures and songs.

Whatsapp for Nokia

WhatsApp-for-nokiaHow to download Whatsapp on Nokia Devices

Whatsapp is a very popular smart phone messenger that is available on most of the premium handsets from the brand of Nokia. It is a kind of social networking messanger services that is launched by Whatsapp Inc. It helps you to stay connected with the friends and family.

3G connections and Wi Fi is needed in Nokia handsets to run Whatsapp Messanger effectively. It is cost friendly option to switch to Whatsapp from the general messaging services like SMS as it is free. It will enable you to save a lot of money on the first year. Whatsapp messenger gives you free services for a year.

Whatsapp for Samsung

WhatsApp-for-SamsungWhatsapp Messenger for Samsung

If you have heard about the new Whatsapp messenger, you are correct. This dashing application can be installed in any mobile device and used for chats and more. This Whatsapp is very popular in the UK. With the help of this messaging service, you can now find important information and everything that is related to Whatsapp download.

WhatsApp for Windows

Whatsapp-Windows-Phone-8If you want an alternative for SMS on your Windows phone, one of the best choices is WhatsApp.

Why? It can let you do more than what you can with the stock SMS function. It allows voice messaging, group chat, and sending other kinds of media. What makes it better than other instant messaging apps? Well, it is lightweight when it comes to features. But it makes up for it with reach and stability. This app is compatible not just on Windows smartphones but also for Nokia, Blackberry, iOS, and Android. It boasts high numbers of downloads on a worldwide scale, and you can communicate with users from other countries without additional charges. The app is also tested as the least buggy of all the instant messaging apps out there. It doesn’t display ads, too. But that comes with a price: first year is free trial, a $0.99 annual fee after that. Well, it is still way less than what you will spend in most text plans, especially if you text people from outside the country.

WhatsApp for iPad

How-to-use-Whatsapp-on-iPadWhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging app. It is one of the major competitors of the app genre today. It is on the simple side when it comes to features, but the reach it has attained is extreme. It allows you to connect to people across different models of devices as well as operating systems since it is compatible with iOS, Android, Nokia, Windows Pc & Laptops and Blackberry. It proved to be a good and low-cost alternative to SMS.

WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp-Messenger-iPhoneWhatsApp Messenger is one of the most powerful instant messaging applications for mobile devices today.

It uses 3G or WiFi when available in order to send and receive messages. It can reduce expenses as it can eliminate the need for a text plan. It may be light on features compared to other instant messenger apps but the real power of WhatsApp is reach. It is compatible across a wide range of mobile operating systems and models. As of today, it outperforms other messaging apps in terms of number of users.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry

whatsapp blackberryWant an alternative text messenger for your BlackBerry? Then you should check WhatsApp Messenger.
If you’re a fan of BlackBerry, then the ideal world for you would be one where all the people are using BlackBerry. You can just use BlackBerry Messenger as your SMS alternative. But we are in the real world. People use different brands of phones. You have to use SMS, email, or the good old phone call to communicate with them. This can be rather costly.

WhatsApp for Laptop

whatsapp-for-pcInstalling WhatsApp Messenger on your phone can offer a good set of advantages. It is one of the options for replacing SMS and a good one at that.

While it might be inferior in terms of features, the app is the least buggy among the instant messenger apps. It also offers cross-platform compatibility (has versions for Android, Nokia, Windows, Blackberry, and Apple smartphones) unlike its OS-exclusive counterparts – meaning there is more flexibility on who you can contact. Furthermore, the app is completely ad-free. But, unfortunately, it has a $1.99 download fee for Apple. It is free to download and install for Android but there is a $0.99 subscription fee after the one-year free trial. But the fees will be significantly less compared to having a text plan especially if you text people internationally.

WhatsApp for PC

whatsapp-for-pcWhatsApp Messenger is steadily getting popular as an alternative to the stock SMS function of smartphones. With this app, you can send virtually unlimited text messages and even send photos or include emoticons. It works through 3G or WiFi.

The app is even ad-free so no annoyance while using it. It comes with a price though. It would be free to download this App for Android and you can use it for only 1 year for free. Afterwards, you’ll have to pay a $0.99 subscription fee to continue using. The power of WhatsApp is in its large network. While the exact number of subscribers is not disclosed, Google play has recorded 1.2 million downloads of the app (Skype has 650,000; Viber has 300,000). Furthermore, it is available for iOS, Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones. This app eliminates the need for a text plan which can significantly reduce expenses especially when messaging people from other countries.

WhatsApp for Android

whatsapp-android-21WhatsApp Messenger is an ad-free cross-platform app that allows the user to send SMS-like text messages to contacts. Let us break down that definition to get an insight how the app works.

SMS Alternative
What’s up? Yeah, the name of this app is a play on that greeting. That’s because WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with a user interface likened to the stock SMS function of phones. You can send text messages to anyone who is also using the app on your contact list.