How to create Group Chats on WhatsApp

How to create Group Chats on WhatsAppWhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, perhaps the most famous. It includes many features, some of which are very useful, such as, for example, the possibility to create Group Chats. Groups in which, in practice, you can include more than two people and be able to talk with several people at once without having to contact them one at a time. This function is very useful for those who, for example, are part of a team and want to send some information to the other members, or receiving messages from them without having to spend money on text messages and calls. So, this is just one of many functions that WhatsApp offers and that render it different from text messaging.

How to be invisible on WhatsApp

How to be invisible on WhatsAppFrequently, you would like to use WhatsApp to contact a friend, but preventing others to see you online. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have this function. WhatsApp does not allow you to connect to the service and become invisible as you could do with the old MSN Messenger. This does not mean that we can not do anything to block the annoying people, or those who want to know when we are online or when we connected the last time.

How to pay WhatsApp

come pagare whatsappHow can you pay WhatsApp? Are there any differences between the versions for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone? There is still a bit of confusion on the subject. Let’s try to clarify all these doubts seeing together how to pay WhatsApp, how much does it really cost and what are the payment methods accepted by the application. It will take much less time than you can imagine.

WhatsApp and Facebook will be soon the same thing

Facebook e WhatsApp presto saranno una cosa solaThe Social Network with 1.3 billion users and the messaging app evaluated 700 million, is moving towards a common platform: an online screenshot shows the potentials of this integration.
Indeed, it seems that Facebook is planning to unify the access to the social network and WhatsApp, the popular chat App owned by them. On the Internet a new function appeared, which seems almost a test, and redirects to the page of the social network where there is a screen asking you to give permission to WhatsApp. If this “joint venture” were to happen, would be born a giant database that includes the billion and three hundred million active Facebook users and the 700 million of WhatsApp.

How to change your number on WhatsApp

How to change your number on WhatsAppEven if you usually try to avoid it, sometimes you have to change your telephone number. So if you use this famous app, maybe you need to know how to change the phone number. Many people believe that it is impossible to do something like this: in fact it was, but only over a year ago, when fortunately the mobile application developers have introduced a special feature very useful.

How to send text messages using WhatsApp

whatsapp smsThanks to WhatsApp, you can send free text messages from the internet. Just one single app that allows you to keep in touch with all your friends and acquaintances, sending text messages 24 hours a day and 7 days out of 7.

The Skype of text messages.
Some have indicated WhatsApp as the Skype of text messages. Why? Because with WhatsApp you can send free text messages from the internet as well as on Skype you can call your friends all over the world without paying a single euro. Obviously, for both applications, the necessary condition is to have an internet connection, maybe flat, so you do not have user cost. After installing the app, the user is associated with an account and is immediately able to send messages to mobile phone numbers around the world. Obviously those who receive the messages need to be connected to WhatsApp otherwise they will not be received.

Whatsapp for ZTE android – x1 – v795l and Blade Phone

Whatsapp for ZTE android - x1 - v795l and bladeThe whatsapp works with your phone by using your mobile data or WiFi (if available) to help you stay connected with friends and family.

The service is free to use for one full year. After this period has passed, $0.99 will be needed per year for the service to continue. Not only will you able to send millions of texts, audio, and video messages, the app also supports multimedia content and group chat services.

The app can be installed for Android from Google Play Store. To install the Whatsapp service, you must agree to the terms and conditions. After locating the app in the Google Play Store, tap the on the installation button and it will start downloading in your phone.

Whatsapp for SAMSUNG Wave Y and 525

Whatsapp for Samsung wave y and 525Whatsapp may be installed on the Samsung Wave Y or 525 device. Currently the Wave is running on BADA OS. This has made it difficult and confusing for Samsung Wave users to figure out how to download the app onto their devices. Below is a brief tutorial on how these users might install the app.

First, there are two files that need to be downloaded onto your computer. the first file to be installed is, .jar file, the second is, .exe file

Next, the device will need to be connected to the computer via the USB port on your computer using the USB cable.

Whatsapp for YOUWAVE

Whatsapp for YouWaveWith the WhatsApp’s popularity on the rise, word of mouth quickly spreads and it wouldn’t be uncommon that you’ve heard the name of the app at least once in the last few months.

People have been turning to it as a major sign of help for communicating with friends and family, and it’s most importantly free to all its users. No gimmicks and no sneaky charges that will come once you give the users your credit card information upon signing up. So this proposes the question, is it available on my platform, and if so, where do I get it for my every day use?

Whatsapp for NOKIA x2-00 – x2-01 – x2-02

Whatsapp for Nokia x2-00 - x2-01 - x2-02WhatsApp is an alternative mobile messaging application that can save lots of money on your phone bill by avoiding SMS data rates. But how does it work?

The WhatsApp feature uses the same data plan as both email and web browsing so that users can use Wi-Fi when available and only use straight up data to communicate with users. The user friendly interface can allow for group chats, photo and video sharing, and share locations. While similar to and owned by Facebook, the ability to download an app saves users from having to access a web browser and log in to their account each time they plan to use social media.

Whatsapp for SAMSUNG Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Y

Whatsapp for Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy yWhatsApp may be downloaded free of charge on Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Y. Downloading the application is very easy. The download is free and you may use the application free of charge for the first year. In consecutive years, you will have to pay $0.99 a year

All you have to do is search for the “Google Play” application on your phone or a similar application which will allow you to search and download the application on to your device automatically. During the installation process, WhatsApp will verify who you are. It will ask you for your phone number to determine who you are. At that time you may verify your details by either a call or a text message.

What is WhatsApp and How to use it

whatisWhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application of the world, with millions of users who use it on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Its operation is very simple, thanks to what is a good and perfect substitute for SMS and MMS, however, free. The growth of the service was very fast and when the threshold of 450 million users took place the turning point for a total value of $ 16 billion, Facebook acquired WhatsApp bringing the two communities under the same roof.

Whatsapp for QMOBILE a30 – a34 – a110

Whatsapp for Qmobile a30 - a34 - a110How successful is Whatsapp? Well, once the news surfaced that Facebook acquired the messaging app for a reported $19 billion, Whatsapp suddenly jumped into seventh place as the most popular downloaded app in all smartphone stores.

The QMobile A30 is a  Touch Screen Released on October, 2013 by the Pakistan company QMobile. It features a 2 MP Camera with Flash LED, a 1500 mAh Battery and a 3.5 Inches HVGA LCD Display.  The A34 model has a larger display and the a110 model a better camera and a more powerful Battery.

Whatsapp for MACBOOK AIR and Pro

Whatsapp for Macbook Air and ProWhatsapp has amazed a staggering amount of users worldwide, and recently received numerous questions regarding its installation on MAC computers (especially for the Air and Pro version).

How this complex application is downloaded and installed on those computers has been the absolute topic for years! The trick is downloading and installing correctly Whatsapp by using a specific Android emulator (see later) and meeting some specific system requirements. But first remember that Whatsapp cannot be used simultaneously on the iPhone and the MAC! One, must first disable the one or the other.


WhatsApp vs Telegram App: what is the best Messenger?

Telegram-VS-WhatsappIt sounds like an interesting duel. These 2 instant messaging apps are very similar but, at the same time, very different. The first (Whatsapp) needs no introduction as it can be considered the forerunner of the genre, while the second (Telegram) is less known but is quickly gaining market share worldwide. In this article we will compare the two applications to provide a yardstick for all those who must choose between the two alternatives. This comparison will take place on 5 basic features of each app, starting from the price, through the privacy and security up to the popularity in terms of users. Also it will be analyzed aspects concerning the sending of files and availability of these services on various types of devices, desktop and mobile. Let’s start from the price.

Whatsapp Free: how to have Whatsapp for Free… Forever (for Android & iOS)

whatsapp freeMany internet users would like to have WhatsApp Free and are wondering where to find and how to have Whatsapp for Free, forever. For the Android operating system or the iOS / iPhone here is how you can do it.

Tired of paying the annual fee for access to Whatsapp? You thought it was not possible to have Whatsapp for free?

Something has changed recently. Indeed it is now possible to have Whatsapp free forever and in a legal manner, without violating the terms of the license.

Whatsapp Free: two possibilities to obtain whatsapp for free

WhatsApp for BlackBerry Legacy – releasead the new official version 2.11.2355

WhatsApp-BlackBerry-LegacyAfter a series of beta releases, finally WhatsApp competed a final release for the BlackBerry World. We are talking about the version 2.11.2355 for BlackBerry OS, the app to stay in touch and chat with members and friends who have Android smartphones, Nokia and Apple iPhone. With WhatsApp you can also send video and audio all free and included in your flat fee for BlackBerry smartphones as explained in our past review .

With WhatsApp we can set our social status as occupied, far  etc. and send emoticons like we used to do with the old BlackBerry Messenger. These days WhatsApp has released version 2.11.2355 that should fix some bugs and improve application performance.


Whatsapp for Jolla SailfishJolla Sailfish is a small smartphone: 131×68 mm, with a thickness of only 9.9 mm and a weight of 149 grams. The screen is an impressive 4.5 “, 16 GB internal memory, MicroSD slot, a processor Qualcomm dual-core 1.4 GHz connectivity with GSM / 3G / 4G LTE. On the surface it would seem a traditional smartphone, but is actually the Jolla Sailfish OS  that makes a big difference.

Jolla accepts unfortunately only one SIM so, you cannot install Whatsapp for Dual Sim, but provides a great reliability with about 10 hours on 3G. The battery can also be replaced without loss of data (if you make the replacement in less than 120 seconds).

Whatsapp Alternatives for Android (Whatsapp+ Plus & WhatsappMD) – What’s going on?

The axe of Whatsapp on alternative clientIt happens sometimes that applications of great success, tend to ignore the specific needs of their users and not to optimize their specs based on their users need. To overcome these problems some developers changes the original app and try to improve.

The same thing happened to Whatsapp, the famous instant messaging application, for some time now owned by Facebook Inc. The acquisition of this app generated many controversies and ironies, especially since Facebook was not very well seen in the field because of Android and his lack of care towards this social app for the Google OS (the situation really changed in the last few months). The fact is that even for Whatsapp, despite changes and improvements like Whatsapp Web and VoIP calls, new and better apps emerged: the most famous of them are Whatsapp + and WhatsappMD.