WhatsApp: is there a monetization plan on the horizon?

WA monetizationIt seems that WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app, finally intends to put into action a plan to get money from its business. According to recent news there is already a man appointed of this important task, and his name is Matt Idema.

Idema, already a Facebook executive, has just joined WhatsApp team as a COO. But who is he, and what role is he going to cover ? While working for Facebook, Idema was leading product marketing for all of Facebook’s business products worldwide.

WhatsApp is planning to add a new feature similar to SnapChats’ Stories

whatsapp snapchat stories featureWhatsApp developers are really doing their best to beat competition, and it appears that the next major update will recall a popular feature that has already been introduced by its biggest rival: SnapChat.

We are talking about Stories, a very successful and useful feature, which will be added to WhatsApp along with other new options. To be honest Facebook (that owns both Instagram and WhatsApp) already added a similar feature to Instagram, so it’s not a secret that the Company really likes this option.

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification is now available to all Android, iPhone and Windows users

two step verificationWhen it comes to security, WhatsApp has always tried to provide its users the best possible service, despite several criticisms. And the latest feature just rolled out to all users of the app confirms this orientation. So, what changes?

Finally, the two-step verification security feature is available. The option has been under testing for several months and now all users using Android, iPhone and Windows devices will be able to verify in a more secure way their number when they install WhatsApp on their device. How can you use this important new feature? Don’t worry, it is not difficult at all.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the latest version brings important updates

WA for Windows Phone 2 17 52 updateWindows Phone users have more reasons than ever to install (or update) WhatsApp on their devices. Thanks to this latest 2.17.52 version of WhatsApp that has just been released for Windows Phone devices, the media sharing cap limit has been considerably increased, so now users will be able to share 30 files, a noticeable improvement compared to the previous limit of 10.

The same update has been recently added to the iPhone platform, while Android users can find it only in beta versions of the app. If this is a huge improvement for the Facebook-owned app, Mspowerusers reports that this latest update of WhatsApp adds also a redesigned home page. According to Mspoweruser the new design involves switching to Microsoft’s new Pivot style already seen in other native apps such as Photos and People.

WhatsApp for Android: the new 2.17.44 Beta version brings support for new Unicode 9.0 emojis

WhatsApp for Android Unicode 9 0 emojisThe latest Beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices comes with an interesting addition. What changes? By installing this latest update, Android users will be able to use many more emojis because WhatsApp has added support for the new Unicode 9.0. Furthermore, what’s really great of this new enhancement is that WhatsApp has decided to extend it to all of its Android users, it doesn’t matter what version of the platform you are using.

WhatsApp: the new Live Location feature will let you see your contacts’ location in real-time

location featureWould you like to be able to know where your friends are in no time? Well, WhatsApp, the famous Facebook-owned instant messaging app, is currently testing a new tool which will allow you to track your friends’ location more easily.

This new feature, called Live Location Tracking, has just been spotted in the new beta version of the app, and it appears to work on both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s be honest, if you have an appointment with some of your contacts, it’s very useful to be able to see where they are, and thanks to this latest update users will be able to make their current location visible to their friends.

WhatsApp for iOS: the latest update allows users to send text messages even without an internet connection

WA for iOS send messages offlineA really useful option has just been made available for those of you who use WhatsApp with iOS devices. The latest upgrade of the app for iOS devices is a major one, for it allows users to send WhatsApp messages even when they are completely offline.

Needless to say that this is a huge improvement, which surely comes handy while, for example, you travel or if you are in a ‘dead zone’. Now iOS users will always be able to send their messages even without web access, and, more important, without putting them in a queue waiting desperately for the mobile signal. Isn’t it great?